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Felicia Masalla - Turning into a leaf

Felicia Masalla - Turning into a leaf

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Artist: Felicia Masalla

Felicia Masalla, born in 1996 and based in Stockholm, is a dedicated photographer known for capturing the essence of sunlight and diverse human subjects. Her work focuses on romanticizing simplicity and minimizing distractions to evoke profound emotions. Starting as a hobby, photography became Felicia's full-time career in 2018 after she worked as an assistant to a professional photographer. She blends tropical warmth with Scandinavian minimalism in her fashion photography, collaborating with prestigious clients such as H&M, ELLE, Schön Magazine, and others.


Museum-quality posters made on thick and durable matte paper.

Prints are shipped in a tube for safety purposes.


Fri frakt över 500 SEK

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