Lucrecia Rey Caro

Lucrecia Rey Caro is an artist and graphic designer from Argentina who is deeply immersed in the art world, having been captivated by the history, astrology, and mysticism that underlie every culture since an early age.

In her perspective, art represents the most genuine and honest form of expression, providing a means to capture not only emotions and feelings but also thoughts and experiences about life and the passage of time.

Drawing inspiration from a diverse range of sources, including history, literature, psychology, astrology, archaeology, and mysticism, among others, these varied influences imbue Lucrecia’s work with depth and significance.

Lucrecia’s repertoire extends across a diverse array of disciplines, encompassing painting and drawing in various mediums, ceramics, sculpture, textile art, digital creations, and more.

Beyond a focus on mere aesthetic beauty, Lucrecia’s intention is to evoke something deeper through her art. When individuals acquire one of their pieces, the hope is that it not only adorns a special space but also immerses the viewer in a story, a memory, or a positive sensation from the past, present, or future.

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